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Personal Training Package

At Torres Training, clients will receive a custom tailored program specific to their goals, lifestyle, schedule, and equipment. 





What my clients wrote about:

When I first met Roberto, I was at an all time low with my body self confidence. He has pushed me in exactly the ways I need to transform back into the healthy body that I love. He gave me simple but effective strategies to use on a daily basis, and he helped me work them into my hectic everyday schedule. He is constantly learning and implementing the most evidence-based information into his training. His passion for training makes it so much easier for me to want to show up early in the morning.

Torres Training makes achieving fitness goals much easier by laying out clear, easy-to-follow exercise plans and diet advice/feedback. I’ve been pleasantly astonished to consistently see only positive results since week 1. Went into training with 0 knowledge on what I wanted to do or any specific goals - came out of the first couple of months taller, leaner, stronger, able to breathe easier, healthier, and excited to continue training. Rob has never been late, is incredibly accomodating of my schedule, and is well-read with a deep knowledge base. He’s been able to help me relieve atypical soreness through stretching that I never knew about, strengthen muscles I didn’t know existed, and I will continue to trust him to adapt exercises to the goals we discuss without me needing to understand fitness at the same level. The gym itself is well-stocked, clean, and is a friendly environment suitable for anyone whose interested in getting more fit.

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