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I've been training with Mister Torres now for 2 years... before that though I would say I dabbled in physical fitness with not much to show for it. In fact, when I first met Roberto I was 175 lbs stood at 5'11 tall, I was out of shape (I was what I call skinny fat) I had upper crossed syndrome, lower crossed syndrome, my balance was awful and generally didn't feel that great about my physical fitness or lack there of I should say. Well, a lot has changed in the two years I've been training with him. The upper & lower crossed syndromes are a thing of the past & because of that I've actually gained two inches in my height. My muscle mass has increased & my strength, endurance, agility (my ankles have gotten stronger) have all increased significantly. Roberto is an amazing trainer. First of all he's intelligent & really know his craft he knows the techniques & how to apply them to help you reach your fitness goals, if it's weight loss, building muscle or enhancing your strength he knows exactly what to do to get you results you want. Robert's also very passionate about training, he's committed himself to his own fitness regime so he just doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk as well. I should also mention that he's always staying up to date on the latest fitness trends attending seminars and such. I appreciate his candor...if he thinks a technique is just a passing fad or if he thinks something he's come across will be beneficial he'll tell you. I've really enjoyed training with Roberto & I know you will too. Let's be honest your fitness goals aren't going to reach themselves. You and your life could be so much better with Roberto as your personal trainer. Contact Roberto for a session you won't regret it, the man has the know how to help you reach you fitness goals.
-Jeremy W.

Roberto is an amazing personal coach for fitness, health and sports
training. His training sessions are always challenging and fun, and his
knowledge and experience provide just the right mix of guidance,
support, and encouragement to help me achieve my fitness goals.
-Gail L. 65 years young!

I would highly recommend Torres Training. Roberto Torres offers far more
than the services of most personal trainers. He is highly skilled and
knowledgeable in corrective exercise, so he can design a program to fix
any imbalances or challenges that you may be facing with your body.
I came to Roberto with almost 40 years of poor posture. I have suffered
from aches and pains in my shoulders and neck due to years upon years of
hunching my shoulders and jutting my neck forward. I was skeptical that
my posture could be fixed after so many years of bad habits. But,
Roberto knew exactly how to re-train my body to improve my posture. The
aches and pains are gone. My friends and family are constantly telling
me that my posture is remarkably improved. I used to get massages on a
regular basis, but I haven't needed one in months, thanks to Roberto's
If you have anything that you want to change about the way that you look
(or the way that you feel), then contact Roberto at Torres Training. It
is the best investment that you could possibly make in your overall
-Rebecca M.

Roberto is a very knowledgeable trainer. He teaches you the science
behind the training you are doing and applies his knowledge in nutrition
and supplements to your program. He regularly shares the latest studies
to support tour training.
-Roy M. 61 years young

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Roberto is the real deal, he is amazing with all levels of fitness. He
is very knowledgeable and will push you to achieve your goals. He is
safety conscious, always correcting my movements to prevent injuries and
maximize benefits. His workouts integrate different types of movements
to hit every muscle group. If you are looking for a personal trainer to
help you turn your life around Roberto Torres is the person you need.

-Gabriela T.
I have been training with Torres Training for over a year!! Wonderful
experience!! Very positive and motivating. Always takes time to make
sure each work out is meeting my needs and assisting me in achieving my

-Ann Z.
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About me:
Roberto Torres
Roberto first became interested in fitness when his father took him to the gym at the age of 14. He would go on to become a typical gym rat, reading every article on bodybuilding.com and T-nation. One day he stumbled upon an article by the great Charles Poliquin and fell in love everything related to fitness. In 2014 he became a Certified Peronal Trainer through NASM but his thirst for knowledge would not allow him to be satisfied. He went on to get advanced certifications in Corrective Exercises. In 2016 he graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in Kinesiology and went on to get his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification through the NSCA which is regarded as the gold standard of Training. Roberto continues to persue the highest levels of evidence based knowldege available via seminars from the best in the industry including Chris Duffin, Chad Wesley Smith, Dr. Quinn, Dr. Mike Israetel and Mark Bell.
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